Dog Training Classes, 2021

Welcome, below you'll find the dog training classes available for Spring 2021. We are excited to have you join us! We offer a variety of training options to fit you needs from general obedience to puppy classes and private training sessions. 

Our puppy classes are separated by age to ensure the safest possible environment for your puppy to learn their lessons. Please make sure to book your puppy in the appropriate age group. 

Once you book your class, you will receive an email, (separate from our automated confirmation email), with details on where to meet, what to bring with you, important class reading material, and how to best prepare your dog or puppy for class. If you do not see the email, be sure to check your spam/junk folders.

All training classes take place in Orem, UT.

**Up-to-date vaccine records required for all classes.** 

Available Classes 2021

  • Meet and greet with the trainer and your puppy!

    30 min

    15 US dollars