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Puppy Training/Sensory room: puppies sleep/crate train and do morning exercises here before beginning their day full of activities!

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Board & Train Program

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Well behaved and stress-free family pets don't happen by accident, it takes time, dedication, and hard work! Puppy raising is tough, particularly because you're on the puppy milestone clock! If you don't meet these milestones before the early learning window closes, your puppy will never meet their full potential. Imagine if you were never taught to read or count before your teenage years. Could you still learn those things quickly and without added stress? Your puppy's teenage phase starts at around 5 - 6 months. 


We know puppy training and raising can be overwhelming. Especially when you add a full-time job and children into the mix. That's why we have an amazing program in place to help you get your puppy off to an unbelievable head start in life!  

Our board and train program has 2 options to fit your needs. Our 7-day puppy primer boot camp and our 14-day proper pup boot camp! We know that being away from your adorable fur ball can be tough, so we take the time to post updates at least once daily over on Facebook so you can follow along and watch your puppy learn and grow! You'll also get some reading material to keep you busy while you wait for your fur baby to come home!

Puppy boot camp, board and train
Full Program Price: $800    

Our popular  7-day boot camp is designed to get your puppy primed for behavioral success with the basics! We teach important puppy manners such as sit for pets, no jumping, no excessive barking, come when called, chew toy training (so they learn what is an acceptable chew toy) and no pulling on the leash! 

This course will fast track your puppy through the basics for you to build on at home. On your puppy's last day of camp, you will be walked through a demonstration of everything your puppy has learned and you will be taught how to continue to perfect their skills. You will also receive reading material that will walk you through exactly what your puppy is learning while at camp! 

* We currently accept a max of only 2 puppies at a time, 50% deposit required to book your puppy's stay. Contact us for more info and booking. 


Puppy Primer Boot Camp

Current openings,

Puppy Primer (1 week):​ ALL BOOKED​

Proper Pup (2 weeks): ​ ALL BOOKED

Please see the following requirements before booking your puppy's stay. 

  • Proof of at least one round of puppy vaccines from your vet.

  • Your Puppy must be a minimum of 10 weeks old

  • Contact us today to book your puppy's stay!

Proper Pup Boot Camp
Full Program Price: $1,500   

14 days of round the clock training for your pup! Our Proper Pup boot camp is ideal for young pups who need help with their potty skills and crate training. During their stay, your puppy will be hard at work learning their basic commands (sit, heel, stay, down, come), as well as sharpening their reaction time and listening skills. 

We'll also work on helping your puppy learn to be calm and quiet when in the home so they don't develop a habit of barking at the dinner table, or out the window at the mail carrier. 

Your pup will have plenty of opportunities to develop their play and social skills with other dogs and people. This boot camp also includes free admission to our puppy social hour program.

Lessons we'll cover:

  • Greet others politely

  • Basic commands and listening skills

  • Potty Training 

  • Crate Training

  • Household manners

  • Polite leash walking

  • Socialization 

  • Setting the foundation for off-leash reliability

* We currently accept a max of only 2 puppies at a time, 50% deposit required to book your puppy's stay. Contact us for more info and booking. 


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