About Mily The Trainer

Training with abuse-free methods that are fast, easy, and fun!

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What I do

I help dog parents gain the knowledge and skills necessary to encourage, change, or modify their dog's behavior, quickly and easily in a way that is engaging and fun for all involved! 

No one wants to bother with chores! This is why I focus on making every training session interactive and fun, whether it's a private session, group class, or boot camp. I want my dogs and my people fully engaged! I bring a fun, upbeat attitude with me to every training session and I encourage everyone involved to mirror it and let loose! Training should be full of laughter and good times, that alone is going to make your dog much more interested in training and you'll see results faster than you ever thought was possible!

About Mily

Mily has 13 years of experience as a dog trainer. She got her start when she was 15 years old and a Chihuahua puppy, named Dinky found his way into her life. The two quickly became inseparable, though this being Mily's very first dog, it went downhill very quickly. 

In just a few short weeks, a dog that weighed 6 pounds soaking wet had turned her life upside down. Shoes were chewed, valued objects were destroyed...the carpet had to be removed. Mily wanted to regain control over the situation so she did some research on how to train her dog and she's been learning and perfecting her skills ever since! 

In 2015 Mily received her master dog trainer certification (CMDT) from Anthony Jernone's School Of Dog Training in Whitestone, NY. But Mily is still not done learning and growing! She understands dog training is both a science and an art. Today she continues to seek out the latest and most reliable studies on dog behavior, she reads and rereads her favorite dog behavior books written by brilliant minds such as Drs. Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnel, and others. She makes sure she's training with the most accurate information while maintaining a training style that is easy to follow and free of abusive or intimidating methods.


Every dog and every situation is different. Mily's training methods are dynamic and diverse to make sure every dog that comes to her for training or behavioral therapy gets the personalized attention they need to achieve their goals. She's a passionate trainer and teacher, she aims to make sure training lessons are easy to follow, effective and fun!