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Hi, I'm Mily The Trainer,

I'm here to make things easy for you and your dog. Training with me is all business, expect to get started with hands-on training immediately. I'll show you how to communicate so your dog understands what you want! Bring me a dog that pulls, jumps and barks, I'll send you home with one that walks politely, silently and obeys instruction, all while using humane training methods. 

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Lessons include everything from general house manners to sharp listening skills that will impress your entire block!

Focused sessions that target a specific behavioral issue such as general lack of attention to owners, barking too much, pulling on the leash unning away, etc

The best puppy education you could ask for. We use common sense and practical life scenarios to shape your puppies into the best dogs the can be from the very beginning. 

Puppy Camp

7-14-day in-depth puppy manners camp covering everything from basic commands, socialization, and household manners to building off-leash skills.


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